The 16th International Summer School on Crystal Growth - ISSCG-16 : Lake Biwa, Shiga, Japan, August 1st - 7th, 2016

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Organized by

Science Council of Japan

The Japanese Association for Crystal Growth

The Japan Society of Applied Physics

The International Union of Crystallography

On Behalf of

International Organization
for Crystal Growth

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Crystals - Open Access Crystallography Journal

Supported by

Foundation for Promotion of
Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering
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Ministry of Education, Culture,
Sports, Science and Technology-Japan

Graduate School of Engineering,
Nagoya University

The Telecommunications Advancement Foundation
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The Ogasawara Foundation for the Promotion of Science & Engineering
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International Exchange Program of National Institute of
Information and Communications Technology (NICT)


Nitride Semiconductors Foundation of Japan

Nanocrystalline Materials & Epitaxial Crystal Growth, JACG
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The New Technology Development Foundation
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The Society of Polymer Science, Japan

The Solid State Ionics Society of Japan

The Electrochemical Society of Japan

The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

The Chemical Society of Japan

The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials

The Crystallographic Society of Japan

Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences

The Vacuum Society of Japan

The Ceramic Society of Japan

Japan Foundry Engineering Society

The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

The Surface Science Society of Japan

The Physical Society of Japan

The Japan Society of Microgravity Application

The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

The Visualization Society of Japan

The Magnetics Society of Japan

The Flux Growth Society of Japan

The Japanese Society for Planetary Sciences

The Society of Materials Science, Japan

The Surface Finishing Society of Japan

Materials Science Society of Japan

The Laser Society of Japan

JSPS the 131st committee on Thin Films

JSPS the 145 committee on Processing and Characterization of Crystals

JSPS the 161st committee: Science and Technology of Crystal Growth

JSAP the 162nd Committee on Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Photonic and Electronic Devices

JSAP169th committee on structural biology using diffraction techniques

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