The 16th International Summer School on Crystal Growth - ISSCG-16 : Lake Biwa, Shiga, Japan, August 1st - 7th, 2016

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Lecturers and Titles of Lectures [Tentative]

1.5 Hour Lectures
1.0 Hour Lectures (fundamental)
1.0 Hour Lectures (application)

1.5 Hour Lectures

Tatau Nishinaga 

(University of Tokyo, Japan)  2004 IOCG Laudise Prize-winner


Makio Uwaha 

(Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan)

"BCF theory"

Jim De Yoreo 

(PNNL, USA)  2010 IOCG Laudise Prize-winner

"In-situ observation of nucleation and growth processes by TEM observation"

Peter Rudolph 

(CTC, Germany)

"Fundamentals and engineering of defects"

Hiroshi Amano 

(Nagoya University, Japan)  2014 Novel Prize laureate

"LED GaN growth"

Sumio Iijima 

(Meijo University, Japan)

"Carbon nanotube"

Katsuo Tsukamoto 

(Osaka University / Tohoku University, Japan)  2013 IOCG Frank Prize-winner

"In-situ observation and growth mechanisms"

1.0 Hour Lectures (fundamental)

Peter G. Vekilov 

(University of Houston, USA)

"Nucleation of protein crystals"

Elias Vlieg 

(University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

"Characterization of surfaces and interfaces"

Olivier Pierre-Louis 

(ILM, France)

"Solid-state wetting and de-wetting"

Hiroki Hibino 

(Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan)

"In-situ observation of step dynamics and graphene"

Juan M. Garcia-Ruiz 

(University of Granada, Spain)

"Mineral crystallization"

Hiroaki Imai 

(Keio University, Japan)

"Growth of meso-crystals"

Mu Wang 

(Nanjing University, China)

"Complex (periodic) pattern formation & its function"

1.0 Hour Lectures (application)

Koichi Kakimoto 

(Kyushu University, Japan)

"Si bulk crystals"

Jeffrey J. Derby 

(University of Minnesota, USA)

"Fluid dynamics simulation"

Thomas Kuech 

(University of Wisconsin, USA)

"III-V semiconductor crystals"

Tsunenobu Kimoto 

(Kyoto University, Japan)

"Silicon carbide crystals"

Shigeya Naritsuka 

(Meijo University, Japan)

"Lateral growth"

Christopher Palmstrom 

(University of California, USA)

"Heusler materials and spintronics"

Makoto Kasu 

(Saga University, Japan)

"Diamond epitaxy"

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