The 18th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy - ICCGE-18 : Nagoya, Japan, August 7th - 12th, 2016

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Ise city, Mie


Nagoya perfect conference city
Science & Industry

Birth place of blue light-emitting diodes
Professor Isamu Akasaki invented the new light source;
GaN blue LED as early as 1989 with a new growth technique using the low temperature buffer layer on sapphire.
Its application is vastly expanding.



World-class research excellence
-Six Nobel prize laureates from Nagoya-

List of Nobel laureates related to Nagoya region

Nagoya perfect conference city
Art & Parks

Nagoya TV Tower

Nagoya Port Wild Flower Garden Blue Bonnet

Nagoya City Art Museum

Nagoya perfect conference city
Old town & Architecture

Nagoya Castle

A row house and street of Nakaotai

Nagoya Noh Theater

Ise city, Mie – Conference Excursion

Ise Jingu

Meoto Iwa

Isuzu River




Japan : famous place to visit

Shizuoka:Mt. Fuji (World Heritage)

Gifu:Shirakawa-Go (World Heritage)

Gifu:Takayama City


Nara:Five-storied Pagoda
(World Heritage)

Osaka:Tsutenkaku Tower

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