Nanocrystalline Materials and Epitaxial Growth Division

“Nanocrystalline Materials and Epitaxial Growth Division” is one of divisions of JACG. The main Purpose of this division is to support the progress of sciences and technologies related to nanocrystal fabrication and epitaxial thin film growth. We would like to discuss regarding the nanocrystal and thin film growth processes in various materials, including elemental semiconductors, compound semiconductors, III-nitrides, oxides, 2D materials and so on. We are looking forward to those who are interested in this research field to participate in our division.

Crystal Growth Fundamentals and Evaluation Division

“Crystal Growth Fundamental and Evaluation Division” aims to contribute to elucidation of crystal growth mechanism from elementary processes and to development of evaluation methods on the perfection and defect structures of a crystal. We are tackling to design new functional crystals and evaluate them appropriately, based on knowledge of properties and behaviors of atoms, molecules and its agglomerations. Partners who have similar objectives are very welcome to join our division.

Organic and Biological Crystallization Division

“Organic and Biological Crystallization Division” is one of divisions of JACG. It aims to support sciences and technologies on crystallizations of organic and biological materials. We would like to discuss regarding the crystallization in various biological molecules, including proteins and sugars, organic molecules, medicines, foods, cosmetics, and colloids. We are looking forward to those who are interested in organic and biological crystallization to participate in our division.

New Technology and New Material Division

“New Technology and New Material Division” is one of divisions of JACG. Especially, our division is providing sites of an information exchange and discussion for researchers and engineers who engage in studies for new technology and new material related to the crystal growth. It is crucially important for development of crystal growth field and industrial application of crystal material to combine the basic science of crystal growth with the growth technique, and we expect the active promote of the combination. We’re looking forward to many people in university, national laboratory and company taking the opportunity to attend.

Bulk Single Crystal Growth Division

“Bulk Single Crystal Growth Division” will provide a forum of recent research and development activities on bulk single crystal growth. It will cover all aspects, from basic research and material characterization, through physicochemical aspects of growth and synthesis techniques, to the technological development of industrialized materials. For this purpose, experts in the different topics will be invited to introduce their most recent activities. The broad scope assures a wide overview of the state-of-the-art issues, aiming to stimulate interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations in a wide range of fields.

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